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Fitness Armageddon - Tomorrow, It’s going DOWN!

Maybe it was the three glasses of white wine tonight or maybe it was just sheer stupidity - but after a relaxing massage and lamb chop dinner with a friend I have decided to sign up for two fitness classes tomorrow!

One at 12:30pm (FlyWheel) and one at 7:30pm (Physique 57). What was I thinking!?! I have no idea. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you. After my delicious massage today I have no idea why I would want to royally screw things up for myself. 

Maybe it has something to do with the fast approaching New Years cocktails I will be consuming. Then again maybe it has something to do with the fact that Monday January 2nd I will be back at work and unable to work out at my whim and fancy. 

Either way… tumblr’sphere wish me all your luck, because I am seriously going to need it. I best be getting to bed now so that at least I’m well rested before they start kicking my ass tomorrow.

P.S. Sidenote - My body better look freaking SICK after this. I mean some serious 1950’s hourglass/bay watch SICK. OR ELSE….. Yes body, that IS a threat.